Basic info about Druppio sitebuild - to know what you will get

With Drupal8 almost everything is changed, the biggest advantage is for us developers. But the webmasters and the end users are also made profit from it.

When we started the Druppio project we discussed a lot how and what to serve for our clients. First we tought that we will just sell themes, but we realised really fast, that is not enought, because a sitebuild with just a theme in hand our customers need many workhours to realise a project. So the picture was clear, that we will serv full drupal sites with install profile, and sample data.

This is the easiest way for customers to have up and runk a Druppio site in really less than 20 minutes. But once we serv the complete ready to use site we become responsible for it. It is no all the same how we build drupal site, and I am speaking about all aspect, sitbuild, modules, theme writing technique, admin interface, etc.

Let's focus now on sitebuild.

When I first read about drupal8 I was very happy that many of essential modules are now in the core. With this we got a morte complex core, less module install, easier update, safer site. And that is very cool. I am not a fun of installing modul for every little thing, somethimes it is much better to write a few lines of code to achieve some functionality than to install a new module for it. We followed that in Druppio. We have minimal additional modules used, but all of them we use for a reason.
We also added a few modules to our clients have a basic out of the box seo too.

Here are what we use:

  1. Admin
  2. Contact block


I think that Drupal is really a very powerfull cms, but just when you know how to deal with it. In the last years I saw many bad examles how people use drupal. With Druppio themes you would not have this kind of problem. We carefully created content type based of what each theme need, and added fields to maximise the user experience whan it is comming to content creating. It ws very important not to complicate but to give all the opportunity to change all the thing not just for advanced drupal users, but for beginners too.


This is our philosophy :)